Oh,Ocean Shores!

Located on the Western Coast of Washington State, Ocean Shores is considered as one of the favorite tourist destinations for its unique beaches and diverse wildlife.  In fact, the town prides itself for being one of the favorite stops of migratory birds in the Spring time. At the beach, you can relax all day on a hammock with the sight of birds of different species from seagulls to bald eagles, with accompanying rhythm of strong ocean currents. Just a short distance further, you can see hundreds of sea lions hanging out on the sandbar in the middle of the bay. And while driving around town, take the road signs seriously as you might run across a herd of deer unexpectedly.

Due to the large volume of tourists visiting every year, the town offers a great number of decent hotels, motels, condominium, and funky beach houses that suits your budget, lifestyle and needs. Its famous attraction though is the Quinault Hotel and Casino, managed and owned by the Native American Indians, Quinault Tribe. We love their Friday’s Land and Sea Buffet that offers a wide variety of dishes for all you can eat like fresh sea foods, pastas, salads, and desserts. Our all time favorite dishes are the delectable and succulent prime rib, Ahi Tuna and King crabs. Every single dish is great and cooked to perfection that you might need some antacid after pigging out.   There are also a bunch of nice local restaurants nearby from family dining to fish and chips, and from pizza parlors to steak houses.

Past the main entrance gate of the town is a long line of tiny shops and stalls painted with inviting colors and designs. On the other side of town you can find  a small and old country style theater with a look and feel of the 1970’s. It’s absolutely not a state of the art cinema, but comfortable enough to enjoy watching the latest movies while munching a bag of buttery popcorn.

Ocean Shores is also famous for its annual event called Razor Clam Festival. Razor clams are long, big meaty shellfish which grow up to 6 inches. This event features different activities like razor clam digging and cooking lessons, chowder cook off, exhibits, and other fun contests. During the festival, all the hotels in town are full as thousands of people flock the beaches to dig this bounty.

Unlike other famous beaches full of tourist traps and crowded with people partying, Ocean Shores is pretty laid back and has a unique air of serenity to it. Aside from its lovely beaches and captivating wildlife, Ocean Shores is a perfect place for kite flying, kayaking, beach combing and even bird watching. Indeed, Ocean Shores is much more than a beach. It’s a great getaway to connect with nature and enjoy life’s simple pleasures.


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5 Responses to Oh,Ocean Shores!

  1. Jonisa says:

    How i wish we could visit that exquisite place soon???

  2. CSGO says:

    You’re a really valuable site; couldn’t make it without ya!

  3. Sparkyjen says:

    Wow! It looks like a wonderful summer place. I’m sure the locals love it all year round. I especially like the ease with which a person can enjoy the beach and the sights. I suspect the restaurants outdo themselves with only the freshest fish and seafood. I would be happy to visit this place. Washington State is on my bucket list!

    • layla says:

      Thank you for your nice words. Hope you can visit the place. The best time to visit is during the summer, it’s much more active and fascinating 🙂

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