The Power of the Locks @ Ballard Locks, Seattle

As stern as the Capulet and Montague in Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the Locks prevent the union of two bodies of water , the fresh water of the lakes and the sea water of the Puget Sound. Like Romeo and Juliet, they can’t be together.









Standing tall and proud, the locks open its chambers allowing vessels of different kinds like fishing fleet, yachts, barges, tugs/tows, sailboats, and motorboats to pass from the fresh water to the sea, and vice versa.









As a congenial host, the locks are inviting the spawning salmon to pass through the salt water to the fresh water so they can spawn in the rivers and streams and keep the salmon life cycle alive.           10635724_10204600590477725_2170411990212791665_n








This century old workhorse has weathered many storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters, it endures to serve both sailors and salmon so they continue on their journey.


 The power of the Locks is more than a showcase of engineering masterpiece. There is much more to see and hear and experience. Everyone visiting this place is in awe of how it works, making it one of Seattle’s best tourist attractions. Like Shakespeare’s plays, it is an  amazing feat, a living legacy.


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One Response to The Power of the Locks @ Ballard Locks, Seattle

  1. Blossom says:

    Fresh water and salt water can never be together. As the Glorious Qur-an said,
    ” It is HE who has Let free the two bodies of flowing water: One palatable and sweet, and the other salty and bitter; Yet has HE made a barrier between them, and a partition that is forbidden to be passed.
    [AL-QUR’AN 25:53]

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