Chasing Twilight

After a long winding drive from Port Angeles, I finally made it to one of the rainiest towns in America, Forks, Washington, where the love story of Bella, Edward, and Jacob all begun. I started to feel the cool air and mist of the rain forest. As a Twifan, visiting Forks is an ultimate dream. It had been on my bucket list for a long time before I was able to finally visit it.   Ah, why did I wait for so long?

Located on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State, Forks is a small town covered by lush green forest and has an average of 120 inches of rain annually. No wonder that Stephanie Meyer chose this place as a perfect setting for her vampire-human love story.

True to its reputation, it was raining when we arrived in Forks, but finally settled into drizzles as the day went by.

We first stopped by the Forks Chamber of Commerce to get some information  about the town. While there, we saw the influx of tourists who traveled from different states and countries for the same reason that we had. The staff were so cordial and helpful that they provided us with maps of Twilight spots and list of things to do in Forks. They were also nice enough to choreograph my pictorial with the Twilight props in the background. Before we left , we took   a photo of the duplicate of Bella’s red Chevy parked outside the office.

We immediately headed to the City Hall, which houses the Forks Police Department, where Bella’s father, Police Chief (Charlie) Swan worked. We took a quick snap shot of a cruiser parked purposely for photo shoot by Twifans. A few meters away on the right is the ” Cullen House” , a white three- story house which actually is a Bed and Breakfast Inn. Had I known it, I would’ve booked a room here so I could get more details about the vampire coven. Next, we stopped by Forks High School and walked the parking lot where Bella was rescued by Edward for the first time. We then drove to the Home of the Swans, which is just a five minute drive away from the school. It’s actually a private residence but the owner is nice enough to allow tourists to take photos from the street. While there, we saw a sign that the house is up for sale. Our next stopover was Forks Community Hospital, the workplace of my favorite, Dr. Carlisle Cullen. We took a photo of his parking sign which is located at the Administration Building.

While driving around town, we saw several stores that offer Twilight merchandise and establishments bearing Twilight themes. It’s amazing how a quiet, remote, and laid back town like Forks is still benefiting economically from the Twilight phenomenon. It has been four years since the last movie was released. The Twilight spots in Forks are based in the book, not the movies. I have learned that the movies were shot in different locations in British Columbia, Port Angeles, and Oregon.

To finish off my Twilight adventure, we went to Forks Outfitter Store (where Bella used to work) and took a snap shot of Bella’s plaque of recognition which was hanged on the wall right next to the Customer Service. After a couple of camera clicks, my Twilight mission was accomplished. I was happy.

While at the store, we took the chance of getting some goodies for our trip for the next day. As I was searching from an array of nutritional drinks in the shelf, I noticed an old woman in her late 70’s standing next to me. She looked so miserable as she was staring at a pack of nutritional drink in her hand.  I glanced and smiled at her.

At that instance, the poor woman lamented about the new packaging of the nutritional drink she was holding (it used to be in a box but it’s now wrapped up in plastic). With an ache on her voice, she told me that her husband has Dementia and will not recognize the nutritional drink in its new packaging (people with Dementia have a hard time adapting to change), and it’s his primary source of nutrition. There is no other available store in Forks where she could get it from. The image of this old, feeble woman with sad eyes, sunken deep in a wrinkled face, and worrying about her sick husband was heart wrenching. I really felt her love and concern for her husband. I didn’t know what to say , I just wanted to give her a hug. With utmost sincerity, I told her to stay strong and I hope things will be better for her husband. When I bid goodbye, I offered a silent prayer for her and her husband.

Until late that night, I kept on thinking of that short encounter with the old woman at the store. I came to Forks to relive the love story of Bella and Edward, but she reminded me something about the beauty of love and true meaning of family. And when I turned at my side, I saw my husband laying down in bed, feeling exhausted from our journey.  Though tired, he patiently (or forcibly) supported me in my Twilight craze. I felt so blessed and grateful for having my “Edward” every step of the way. I touched his face and gave him a subtle kiss on his lips, they weren’t cold though.

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